Pass the Word!

To celebrate the 1806th anniversary of when The Amulet begins (196 AD), Amazon will offer the electronic version FREE from September 28 to October 2.

If you haven’t yet read it, now is your chance. If you have read it and liked it, PLEASE encourage your friends and acquaintances to give it a try. If it wasn’t your favorite book, it might be someone else’s. I really appreciate any help you can give me!

Abies in Portland, OR says —
This is a great book! I love the story, and it’s going straight onto my shelf of favorites. Lydia, the main character, has it all — intelligent, independent, adventurous, yet very feminine. AND I got to learn about Roman history, quite enjoyably! links directly to The Amulet e-version. For the “not free” paperback version, I can’t get it to be a “link” so you have to go to and search for Victoria Paulsen. Oh well. Thanks!


Author: Victoria Paulsen

I'm writing the second of two YA novels about the Roman empire just before Septimius Severus became emperor, and just after. My background is in theater. At UCLA and Univ. of Colorado, I studied Greek and Roman drama as well as Latin. That was awhile ago. My new research is even more fascinating, thanks to the Internet. I want to share the fun stuff!

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