Saving Bea

I’ve been sidelined from blogging by writing the book and by the October 5 eviction of my 99-year old friend, Bea. The Bank of America decided to clear the property after the owner died last year leaving a debt. I’m trying to help Bea by drumming up enough support that the Bank will back off. For now, for me, Bea is the priority. More info is on the blog I’ve done about her —
Thanks for any help or comments you can give. I tried posting some pictures but the crunching never stopped and I’m in a hurry. See Bea on the savingbea blog.


Author: Victoria Paulsen

I'm writing the second of two YA novels about the Roman empire just before Septimius Severus became emperor, and just after. My background is in theater. At UCLA and Univ. of Colorado, I studied Greek and Roman drama as well as Latin. That was awhile ago. My new research is even more fascinating, thanks to the Internet. I want to share the fun stuff!

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