Bea’s Goose is Cooked by the Big Fat Pig

mayas pig
A pig will eat anything. The Bank of America is a pig, devouring the heart and soul of my 99-year old friend, Bea Berglund.

Is that strong? Good!

Today, Wednesday, the Bank declared that Bea must be out by the end of the week or she will be evicted!

Why doesn’t she simply go? She can’t. Her situation is unlike any other.

She has nowhere else to go. Places she might rent have poofed as soon as she’s shown interest. Even the one recommended by the social worker turned up negative.

 Her trailer cannot be legally moved since it would not meet modern code which discriminates against old people and trailers over 10 years old. She has other sheds on the property, too, filled with her “treasures.” She abhors houses.

Six dogs complicate matters, gentle and well-behaved as they are.
Sometimes Bea says she would rather die than lose her dogs and her “things.” It may come to that. She rallies after each setback, but never quite up to the previous level.

A few days ago I told you that the Bank was holding off because of “media concerns.” Why are they now not concerned? Let’s make them sweat!

Please help by contacting the news channels. Send messages to all the TV channels and newspapers (L.A. Times, San Bernardino Sun, N.Y Times – why not?) and rail about the moral injustice of this. It’s the only chance Bea has, since legally the Bank is within its rights.

I tried ABC Eyewitness News several times, put in all the info, then hit “enter” and watched the circle whirl around until a message came that it hadn’t gotten through. It was OK then because that’s when Bea was probably safe because the Bank didn’t want bad publicity.

We’re not trying to cheat the Bank by deferring the property sale, because no-one is going to buy it! It’s a dump! There is so much foreclosed property in Newberry Springs, unsold, that to think Bea’s lot will be an exception, is stupid.IMG_2364

I thank you for your past support and plead for more, just for awhile. Christmas is coming, Bea’s goose is getting cooked by the Big Fat Pig.


Author: Victoria Paulsen

I'm writing the second of two YA novels about the Roman empire just before Septimius Severus became emperor, and just after. My background is in theater. At UCLA and Univ. of Colorado, I studied Greek and Roman drama as well as Latin. That was awhile ago. My new research is even more fascinating, thanks to the Internet. I want to share the fun stuff!

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